Estate Liquidation

How does an estate liquidation work?

What are my options?

An estate liquidation is the reduction or complete removal of house-hold items including the attic, basement, garage, shed and yard. This can include cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. 

The need for a liquidation comes from:

  • A move to another home/condo/apartment.
  • A loved one has passed away and the estate needs to be cleared and sold.
  • Elderly family members are moving into Assisted Living or Nursing Homes.
  • Occasional/Seasonal purging of unneeded items - garage clean-outs etc...

At Attic to Basement, we are one of the few liquidation companies that take it all... really! We take the good, the bad, the fair, the poor and the ugly. We are also one of the few companies that offer you credit for the value of the items that can be re-sold. This includes furniture, antiques, collectables, vehicles of all types and most usable house-hold items from every room in your house, yard, garage and shed. These credits can greatly reduce or even erase the cost of a clean-out or even pay you. So, before you throw away anything, big or small, give us a call! Attic to Basement only gets paid when the job is completed and you are satisfied with the result.

What are my options?

  • We can do a partial or full estate clean-out, as we discussed above.
  • We can do a flat buy if a liquidation is not needed and you are only removing specific items. A flat buy is an offer to purchase your items and remove them from the property. Attic to Basement takes the majority of salable items to auction to be auctioned off to their new owners. Things we flat buy include - coins, silver, gold, fine & costume jewelry, old toys (pre 1980s), some collectibles, vehicles and motorcycles. WE DO NOT purchase furniture or household items as we obtain a large amount from our full liquidations. Oh yeah, no boats.

Handling an estate liquidation from out of town or out of state?

Handling estate liquidation from out of town can be an especially stressful endeavor. You may be dealing with a sudden move due to a new job or life change, retirement or dealing with the passing of a parent or other family member. We understand the added worry involved with a long-distance project and do our best to provide just the right service at the right price to take care of just about any size project from the very small to deeply congested homes in need of special handling.

Attic to Basement is happy to work with you by phone or e-mail from anywhere, really. We provide scanned estimates and contracts and provide before and after pictures, when requested. All we need is a local contact, either a Realtor, Attorney, friend or helpful neighbor to meet with us and show us the property and/or work that needs to be done. Or, we can provide a lock-box to house the key and will never allow anyone on the contracted property unless we are present. Payment is only made after you have the thumbs up from your local contact or are happy with the pictures we send of the completed project.

Even from out of town you can be assured that Attic to Basement will take care of your liquidation project so you can relax and know the job is done right!

EXCEPTIONS: We cannot remove the following items from your property: Paints, Chemicals of any kind, Automotive Batteries, Solvents, Fire Extinguishers, Asbestos, Oils, Hazardous Materials, Tires.

One more thing, the list includes screaming babies!

Don't be fooled by companies that promise to "take it all" and end up only taking a few select (valuable) items and leave you the rest. We give you a detailed inventory list of items included in liquidation and/or flat purchase as well as a written estimate or offer. This way you can make the right choice for your estate liquidation needs.

Our Guarantee

We are insured to work in your home and will complete the job by specified date and will never add costs after your contract is signed.